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Dainik Jagran a historical Leader in Hindi newspaper world since 1942 with Advertising partner Adeaction - a companion of your online advertisement.


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Dainik Jagran Classifieds Display Rate Card
Dainik Jagran Display Rate Card

Dainik Jagran a newspaper with Classified text and Display advertisement having authorized direct sales center like Adeaction - an online advertisement website, from where you can complete your all ad publishing needs such as – Matrimonial, Business, Personal, Obituary, Property, Vehicles, Automobile, Tender, Official Notices and Recruitment at exclusive & discounted rates anytime!

·         Dainik Jagran is the oldest newspaper among all Hindi newspaper since 1942, published from Kanpur.

·         From Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2012,  Dainik Jagran is the most read Hindi newspaper in the world with an average circulation Issue Readership (AIR) of 16.37 million

·         Dainik Jagran is popular to all Hindi speaking people as well as other language people as it has good communication as long as circulation system.

·         It has a cheap rate in advertising as compared to other Hindi newspaper around the world.

·         It’s good printing quality and good paper quality attracts the reader to access the newspaper.

With an advertisement in Dainik Jagran, you will be interested in publishing all types of newspaper advertisement like Classified Text ads, Classified Display or Column ads as well as Display ads under various categories. These categories may be chosen as per your requirement ranging from Public Notice and Tender to Announcements and Education advertisement or as per your requirement.

You can book ad in Dainik Jagran online with Simple Steps by Confirming the Dates along with the Payment, With Adeaction - an online advertisement booking solution for Dainik Jagran.

Adeaction is providing you the best Verified SSL Security for maximum protection for your online payment.

Come along with us and experience a friendly Ads booking experience with discounted price from Adeaction - An online Authorised Classified releasing partner of Dainik Jagran.

Come forward to experience a new era of Dainik Jagran advertisement with no worries with ensuring consistency in the flow of advertising in Dainik Jagran newspaper.

Adeaction - an authorized agency approved by  Dainik Jagran providing you a communication gateway to check publication circulation details, various types of ad rates, combo packages with discounted packages also with online advertisement booking from home or office anytime. Adeaction is the largest and simple ad booking path from where you can book your ads such as Matrimonial, Business, Personal, Obituary, Property, Vehicles, Automobile, Tender, Official Notices and Recruitment at exclusive rate hassle-free just with no extra cost and no hidden charge.

Adeaction is a well reputed and authorized site for booking advertisements with good experience in the field of Newspaper Ads. We have been recognized and recognized by the major and governing council for all media publications like print media.

Adeaction is now providing you latest symbols like new pattern tick marks, smileys to catch up the readers to your advertisement.

You can now advertise with us under Matrimonial, Business, Personal, Obituary, Property, Vehicles, Automobile, Tender, Official Notices, and Recruitment including any other category in Dainik Jagran for the following ad types or formats:

Display Ads: Display ads are the most extensive and elaborate form of advertising. Such advertisements have the capability of catching attention very quickly. Advertisers can now upload the desired design of their advertisement in PDF/ JPG/JPEG/PSD/any other popular known formats and simply book their ads as per requirements.

Classified Display Ads: Classified displaying of ads, also known as column ads are little catchier than Text Ads. The advertiser can now customize their ads by uploading images, logos, font styles & sizes. Classified Display ads can be published in color as well as Black & White as per requirements. With us, you not only can compose your Dainik Jagran Classified Display ad online with our designed templates but you now also upload your personally created Ads as per your customization.

Classified Text Ads: Classified Text advertisement is the simplest & popular form of newspaper classified advertising. It is the least expensive medium for publishing ads. These are simple writings which can be enhanced with the help of our exclusive online enhancements such as ticks, screen borders, background colors, special symbols, etc. These kinds of ads are charged on the basis of lines or characters or words used for the specific content of the advertisement.

Steps to publish a Dainik Jagran classified advertisement as per the desired category of your choice through Adeaction:

1. Select your Ad preference type from these: Classified Text ad or Classified Display ad or Display ad to proceed

2. Choose City or Package with rate filter mode exclusively from us as per your requirement

3. Compose your desired advertisement with the help of our online enhancements and verify it via our exclusive Preview Ad Feature

4. Now just choose your preferred Ad Release Dates & move ahead to clear the payments via our hassle-free & SSL secured online & offline mediums to receive instant confirmation.

We accept Demand Drafts, Cheque, Cash Collection for offline payment and Debit Card, Credit Card, NEFT, RTGS, Paypal, PayU or any other online payment mode from all the banks around the world.

On successful & verified payment, you will receive an invoice with all the details of your ad booking and payment details.

Your Dainik Jagran advertisement is ready to be published on the specified date(s) once it passes through the editorial approval policies of Dainik Jagran officials.

For any more details and queries about the rate card of Dainik Jagran and the booking of your advertisement, feel free to contact our Customer Service through phone/e-Mail/Whatsapp any time. We will be more than happy to assist you!


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